Whether you are planning a juice fast to boost your health or to lose weight before an important event, preparation is the key to success. First, choose fruits that are in season and that you enjoy. While juicing by hand is definitely an option, using a juice maker will ensure you get the maximum nutrients during your fast and add convenience and ease to the process. Second, choose a day that is relatively stress-free to begin the fast. Starting on a day that is filled with friends, family and social activities promise failure. Next, follow the directions below to prepare your body, and make the fast simple to follow.


  1. First: Cut down or eliminate

    In the week before your fast, cut down or eliminate alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, sugar (including artificial sweeteners) and salt. Limit meat, dairy and gluten products, as well as fast food and processed foods. The natural tendency is to splurge before a fast and eat extra amounts of comfort and high-fat foods; doing so will increase cravings during the fast and slow your metabolism down by clogging your system.

  2. Second: Increase

    At the same time, increase pure water and hydrating fluids, such as herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Add more raw foods to your diet along with plenty of leafy greens and vegetable soups. A juice fast is the best way to cleanse your body of toxic buildup while adding essential nutrients to your body.

Discover the Benefits of Juice Makers

Everyone can benefit from the health perks received when making your juice fresh from fruit right at home. When you make your own juice using a juice maker you know it is free of preservatives and was not stored in a warehouse for weeks or months before it reached your glass. If you have not yet had a juicer in your home, then today is the day to change that!